Hayley Suviste & Lili Holland-Fricke

Our collaboration involves creating dark and swirling soundscapes, constructed from processed cello, clarinet, guitar, electronics, and vocals. In 2023, we were selected to participate in the Summer Studios Residency at The Glasshouse International Centre for Music in Gateshead. During this residency, we focused on refining our music and live set, which we performed in Sage Two. Additionally, we received an invitation to a residency at The University of Hull, where we further developed one of our compositions, 'Womb,' for real-time ambisonic mixing. This piece was subsequently performed on their HEARO system during a concert, and also at the MANTIS Festival in Manchester in October 2023.

‘Womb’ is a semi-improvised composition featuring the shruti box, cello, clarinet, and electronics.
It explores the sensation of being enveloped in water.